Altis logger for e-F3B Altis logger for e-F3B

In this screenshot, you can see how to program the Altis v4 logger to fit the Belgian electric powered F3B models. Use the Altis Flight Manager program with your PC connected to your Altis logger using a micro-USB to USB cable. Use standard firmware FW 2.1. Choose User defined, Altitude switch, Motor cut-off at 250 m, F5J mode, Time switch 30 sec., antizoom enabled

F3B-e Contest 9 june 2018

Here you will find the results of the first contest F3B launched by means of an electrical motor which took place in Belgium. We were received in Anthisnes where CRPAL welcomes us wth kindness and proficiency as usual.

F3B Belgian Championship 2018

This year, for the first time, the F3B national championship took place on one weekend. This occured on 9th and 10th of June, in CRPAL in Anthisnes, the only club able to host this type of competition with proficiency. You will find the results of the championship below.