Flying in Belgium for non-Belgian residents

How to fly legally when you come to Belgium

As of today, (March 1st 2023), the provisions of article 16 of regulation (EU) 2019/947 for the practise of aeromodelling in clubs and associations are fully applicable. The Royal Decree dated Dec. 26th, 2022 defines the  implementation of this ruleset (available in Dutch and French) :

If you are resident of a country member of the EU

Before travelling to Belgium, you should have obtained from the aeronautical authority in your country a valid registration number that you need to display on all your models. With this provision, you are in principle entitled to fly in Belgium.

This is valid also for Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein ans Iceland. These countries are members of the European Economic Area, or, in the case of Switzerland, under an agreement in the aviation sector. These countries are not considered "third countries" and registration as well as open category training certificates issues by these countries are valid throughout the EU.


  • Model flying in our country is limited to the officially recognized model air fields (about 120) visualized on the Belgian Drone Guide map. Approach one of the clubs members of our recognized model federations (Association d'Aéromodélisme (or AAM) for the French-speaking part of Belgium and Vereniging voor Modelluchtvaartsport (or VML) for the Dutch-speaking part of the country) in order to obtain an agreement to fly on their field. Generally, this will require you to become member of that club.
  • Till now, there exists no defined carry-over system about a trans-national equivalence of the piloting proficiency. Thus, the staff of your host club will ask you to prove your piloting proficiency as aeromodelling pilot.
  • Outside aeromodelling fields, model flying is considered as UAV operations and shall comply with the provisions of general regulation (EU) 2019/947.

If you are not EU-citizen

  • And this is you first visit to a EU-country, you are requested to obtain a EU registration number by approaching our National Airspace Authority. Registration online is possible and the site is multilingual. The procedure implies successfully completing a tutorial. Once registered as a UAV operator and in possession of a valid registration number, approach the clubs of our registered federations (see above). Once registered, you can fly on recognized airfields, as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.
  • Outside aeromodelling fields, model flying is considered as UAV operations subject to the general 2019/947 EU regulation for UAV, Open category
  • If you already hold a EU registration obtained in another EU country, you can use that registration.

Participants at an international event in Belgium

If you intend to participate in an international event organized in Belgium, the above mentioned information is fully applicable, including the requirement to carry a valid EU registration. The organizer of a FAI-recognised competition will generally consider that you have the piloting proficiency corresponding to the models your intend to operate during the competition. For other events, the appreciation of your proficiency is a decision of the organizer.

Please also note that due to the COVID-19 pandemy, sanitary measures will apply and shall be complied with at all times.