RES categories

Rudder-elevator-spoiler gliders and motorgliders - F3L and F5L in the FAI Sporting code (provisional categories)

Printer's shop-ready PDF files

These pdf files are in the format required for professional four-color process printing: margins, bleeds markers, cutting marks, etc. Do not use for personal printing on laser printer.

Season 2023

All documents related to year 2023 - 72 dates on this year's national calendar, including 5 international FAI competitions organised by Belgian clubs. This Includes the return of the F9U "FPV drone racing" class, with the support of the Belgian Defence.


Here we hope to present booklets about all categories of competiton categories...The best option is to print them on a color laser printer, in "booklet" format. This produces a A5 format, easy to handle and not too expensive to produce. Version of the PDF files ready to send to professional print shop are available separately. Don't use these for private use as they carry marks required to produce nicely finished books.


Some like it...old ! Fans of antique models


Racing with multicopters in "first person view" mode


Fly simple motor gliders in three 5 min. rounds