Welcome to the Belgian Aeromodelers League

NEWS, a new way to promote our aeromodelling sport

Starting in March this year, our League publishes NEWS, a newsletter to inform all intrested parties about the aeromodelling competitions in Belgium. Subscription is simple using the QR-code hereunder.

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The central role of the Belgian Aeromodellers League

The Belgian Aeromodelers League (BAL) is the organisation taking care of all aeromodeling competitions in Belgium. The BAL is member of the Royal Belgian Aeroclub (ACRB-KBAC), the federation of all Belgian Air Sports, member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

The structure consist of several so-called "sections", each of which is responsible for a specific aeromodelling category. See "Sport" for an overview.

Each section is managed by a "coordinator" who takes care of all administrative matters for his/her specific category. On the field, depending on the part of the country where the event takes place, either the Dutch speaking or the French speaking "sporting director" acts as the local FAI judge.

The BAL is managed by a board of eight members, emanating from either of the two regional federations of Belgian aeromodelling clubs :

Request for 200 m AGL airspace during competitions

Ask the managers of the clubs who organise a competition to legally use a 200 M high airspace to run the competitions. Find here the Dutch version and the French version of the official DGTA/DGlv form.

Pre-registration to competitions

Several competition sections require the participants to register in advance, e.g. not later than noon on the preceding day. This pre-registration is required to provide sufficient time to organise the starting lists, etc. Most of the time, this registration is accomplished on the section's website.

These are the pre-registration sites : F3A - F3C - F3K - F5J

Cancellation and postponed competitions

Sometimes, competitions cannot take place due to bad weather or other adverse conditions. Such announcements will appear in the News section.

Privacy chart

The privacy chart of the Belgian Aeromodelers league can be found in its Dutch and French versions.