Events on Sunday, 7. April 2024

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April 7 Sunday

07 Apr, 2024

Chemin de Wattines - 7850 Petit-Enghien GPS: N 050° 39' 55" - E 004° 04' 33" According to the Belgian regulation, all models flown in Belgium must carry the official Belgian marking of their owner, in the format : OO-AX1234 for the members of the French or German speaking federation AAM OO-VX1234 for the members of the Dutch speaking federation VML In these markings, the letter X stands for the initial of the family name and 1234 is defined by the federation. According to the FAI Sporting code, all models flown in competitions in Belgium and abroad must carry the label BEL and the FAI ID These markings must be at least 25 mm high, except for indoor and scale models. In addition, the operator's registration identifier of AAM or VML (BELmomv6noi0ylrk or BELp4n3hs2gan2ae) must be "readable" on every model.